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Evelyn Dorn

creator of Phoeboo Designs

Evelyn Dorn
P. O. Box 613

College Park, MD 20741


​​Want to learn more about Evelyn Dorn creator of  Phoeboo Designs and what we can do for you?  Want to place an order for a pet portrait?  Have a question, comment, or want to make a purchase?   We are waiting to hear from you. 


To purchase a watercolor painting please  send your inquiry with your name, email, and contact phone number to phoeboodesigns@gmail.com 


To submit your photo for retouching and restoration please do the following:

Take a quality picture of the photo you wish to have restored with your smart phone.   Or for better quality, you can scan your photo at 300dpi on your printer/scanner.   Send either a .jpg or .tiff file via email to me at phoeboodesigns@gmail.com.   


To place a request for a portrait, please send your favorite  pet photo to the email below.  I suggest you choose more than one photo to be considered.  Upon receipt of your email I will look over the pictures and let you know which photo I find most suitable and arrange a meeting to discuss the details of our arrangement .  After considering all the details, I will quote you the total cost of the portrait and require a $100.00 non refundable deposit to proceed with the order. (your deposit will be applied to the total quoted). Framing is available at an additional cost.  Should shipping be required:  Shipping fees will be calculated on the size and weight of finished product.  Portraits can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.   

Email  questions, requests, and pictures to:  phoeboodesigns@gmail.com

Please note that we deliver only within the continental USA