I am a self-taught artist with over 40 years of experience.  Creating art and writing has always been my "go to" place, where the world and all its issues disappear.  Drawing my inspiration from the world around me ignites my imagination.  I still get excited when a blank piece of paper comes alive with what I have created.   As an artist, my favorite two mediums of choice are pen and ink and watercolor.   Now I share with you those paintings I have done and the opportunity to commission a portrait of your favorite pet.

Evelyn Dorn creator of Phoeboo Designs

Evelyn Dorn  creator of Phoeboo Designs


Evelyn Dorn creator of Phoeboo Designs can now be found on Etsy at  


About Phoeboo Designs

Meet Phoebe, also known as "Phoeboo", my four and a half pound red stag miniature pincher.  Phoeboo lived to be seventeen years old.  We miss her....but we are thankful that we chose to feature her on our website.  Her drawing was the first of twenty. The collection of "Puppies in the garden" has been reproduced on note cards which are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop  Phoeboo Designs Art.   

  • PET PORTRAITS  created with watercolor that captures a special moment in your pet's life can be commissioned by submitting your request on the  contact page.   I work from photographs and guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS  are now available for purchase.  These are my original watercolor paintings that were used to create my notecards.
  • PHOTO RETOUCHING  Submit your photo today for a quote.
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