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A Stranger Found

Literary Paws

I sat quietly in one corner of my new, comfortably cured up upon the soft pillows of the couch with kitty at my feet.  The ray of morning sun gently warmed our favorite spot while I contemplated the thesis of my next essay.  My movements were slow and deliberate as I put pen to paper.  Like my furry friend, I paused in a manner, stalking, curiously approaching each idea floating across the floor mysteriously, like a dust ball; then I chased it, toyed with it, and finally captured it.  Overwhelmed by my conquest, I burrowed deeper into the crevices of the couch, displaced my domesticated comrade, and contently rested my eyes.  Pussycat later returned to make a point of reclaiming her throne and I awoke anguished by the palpating critical thoughts of revision yet to be done.  Maintaining an aloof attitude, I repositioned myself in front of the computer.  My blinkless stare, mirrored in the screen of the monitor, sent silent messages to my fingers, while my feline cunning continued to peruse my literary efforts.  The twitching of Kitty’s tail kept time with my drumming digits, as I carefully considered my next move.  I arose, only to prowl about the room in search for the words to bring my message to a close.  I took an adventurous leap.  And landed noiselessly upon my feet.



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